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25th of April, 2015(2072/01/12 BS) remains as a black day in Nepal. A massive calamity of 7.6 Richter scale hit Nepal which affected more than 8 million people throughout the country. In this Catastrophe, Nepal lost more than 65 hundred people(estimated to reach 10 thousand) , 13000+ people were injured and billions of property destroyed.

This documentary content tends to show the scenario of Nepal (especially the valley) when the calamity triggered the nation. This content was not captured but many footage were extracted from the internet and compiled.

Telephone Directory

Telephone Directory

Phone Numbers - 033-2456-1224/1154/1103/1085**

Sl. No. Name/Designation Ext.

1. P.A. To Consul General 200

2. Dy. Consul General 202

3. Consul 203

4. 2nd Secretary (Accounts) 204

5. Attache 205

6. P.R.O (Mr.Niladri Thapa) 206

7. 2nd Secretary (Commerce) 207

8. Consul General Residence 211

9. Dy. Consul General Residence 216

10. Consul Residence 218

11. 2nd Secretary (Accounts) Residence 219

12. 2nd Secretary (Commerce) Residence 220

13. Attache's Residence 221

14. P.A. To Consul General Residence (Mr.Satish Thapa) 222

**Call the Telephone Number followed by extension for direct contacts

PMO - Disaster Relief Fund

Following the massive destruction caused to lives and properties by the Earthquake on 25th April 2015 and its subsequent aftershocks, the Government of Nepal has agreed to solicit humanitarian aid from all friendly countries and international organisations.Donor institution/individual willing to contribute in monetary term can send money online using VISA/MASTER card to the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund directly. For detail information, please follow the following link of the official website of the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund at

Past CGs

Ex Consul Generals


Lt. Gen. Daman Shamsher  J. B. Rana 1948-1955
 MrDharmaNarayanPradhan Dharma Narayan Pradhan 1955 (Feb-Sep)
 SalyaniRajaJitendraBahadurShah Salyani Raja Jitendra Bahadur Shah 1955-1961
 MajorGenGahendraShumsherThapa Maj. Gen.Gahendra Shumsher Thapa 1961-1967
 MajGenPahalSinghLama Maj.Gen. Pahal Singh Lama 1967-1971
 MrRomBahadurThapa Rom Bahadur Thapa 1971-1975
 MrMadhavRajBhandari Madhav Raj Bhandari 1975-1979
 DrMadhusudanLohani Madhusudhan Lohani 1979-1982
 MrDurgaPrasadPanday Durga Prakash Pandey 1982-1987
 MrRomBahadurKC Ram Bahadur K.C. 1987-1992
 ProfMohanPrasadUpadhyay Prof.M. P. Upadhyaya 1993-1995
 MrSunilPoudyal Sunil Poudyal 1995-1996
 MrDeepBasnyat Deep Basnyat 1996-1998
 MrBhojRajGhimire Mr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire 1998-2001
 MrYubaRajBhusal Mr. Yuba Raj Bhusal 2001-
 DrGovindPrasadKusum Dr. Govinda Prasad Kusum 2004-2007
 MrSureshManShrestha Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha 2007-2011